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Future Adults was a band for a few years until we quit. Before we quit, we recorded professionally (for the first time ever) with Alex Yusimoff in PDX at Pool Recording Studio. We got the recordings sometime later and then all sat on them until Melissa got a wild hair and uploaded them here.

Four of the songs on this here page were recorded via regular old handheld cassette recorder and digitized using a transmogrophier or something similar to that. These recordings capture the very special and all too brief period when Buzz Lee was our bass player. Caroline Paquita was also our bass player for a spell. The truth is that Ben, Sarah and Melissa couldn't keep a bass player to save their lives. Alas, here are some of our songs.

Songs that are not on here, but may be some day soon include:

Read It In the News
Babies 1
Babies 2
White Boys
and of course our amazing cover of "Take Me Home Tonight" by Eddie Money.
Seriously. I can feel you breathe.

We were kind of prolific. Special thanks to Pabst, Hamms, Olympia and of course Busch. Or Bush.
Also Minneapolis in the early oughts and 225 forever.


released April 10, 2011

Alex Yusimoff recorded 16 songs in two and a half days. And introduced us to "canned effect".

Sarah, Ben and Melissa are maniacs, but use the term punks to gain street cred for their underground army of moths.




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Track Name: Alaska
Mars, eels, sofa beds...lipstick, guitar and infrared!
Track Name: Dead Rat Beach
"We were listening to Rancid at Dead Rat Beach
I put my hand up like a mohawk
Ran around inside the pit
I didn't know it was Rancid
I hadn't heard it yet."
Track Name: Curious Scent
I won't get down on my knees.
Track Name: Cheated
I feel cheated! I wanted to kill the pope! I feel cheated! Reagan from a rope!
Track Name: World War 3
Baby are you ready for World War 3?
I'll steal the car, you get the beer and don't forget the keys!
Driving outta town, watching fireworks burn down the buildings and the trees
It's pretty enough to bring you down on your knees.

It's not gonna happen like that - again!

Baby are you ready for World War 3?
Turn the car around, head back to town and drive full speed.
Banks are burning down, all the suits are outta town and the money's free!
Now we can drive all the cop cars and torch the SUV's!

It's not gonna happen like that - again!

Baby are you ready for World War 3?
Tonight at the Pyramid the biggest punk show that the world will never see.
While over-grown children drop a whole lotta bombs from sea to shining sea,
we'll have fun under the chemical sun, it's the end of you and me!
Track Name: Fire On the Road
Too bright for shadows
Track Name: Future Adults
Put your life in our hands!
Track Name: When We Were the Ramones
When we were the Ramones
Ben wore even tighter pants
Melissa was Joey
and Johnny wasn't even in the band...


When we were the Ramones
Dee Dee didn't die of an overdose -
not even close!
Reagan did instead.


When we were the Ramones
We weren't even your favorite band
Caroline quit her job, just to come and play

When we were the Ramones
we had to cancel all our shows-
Buzz was wasted (stoned)
and we became just another ghost...
Track Name: Caspar's Wild Ride
It's a death trap, Caspar. Why Wyoming? Why did you go?
Track Name: What You Wanted
Is this what you wanted? Well, I hope not.
Track Name: The Moth
Well the moth is the punk rock butterfly
Dusty on the outside, heart's welded within
And the dust is grey, is grey as everything
Matching the interior of
the rest of our lives, our lives, our lives.

Well the moth is a punk rock butterfly
Pretty but don't touch it
Guts crush in your fingers
and in spite of the night in which they hide
They always plummet right toward the light

Like a lost little kid who was kicked at school
Suddenly decided not to be so cool
'got spikes for wings, greasy hair
torn up jeans and an evil glare

You are so much better than a butterfly!
You are so much better than a butterfly!

When you shake them out of your clothes, they fly!
Track Name: Sucker's Holiday
Hey no one's coming to pick you up!
Track Name: Sneak Out Jam
What we gonna do tonight?
We've got to sneak out somehow.
Where we gonna go tonight?
We're goin DOWNTOWN!
These walls can't hold us forever!
We'll take it to the streets!
Track Name: Secede
Well the rent's too high
and there's not enough blue sky
'cause of the pollution everywhere

We got credit cards,
but not gonna go far
'cause of our debts,
running around in matching sweats.

Well I got a solution:
Baby, we got to secede -
you and me, away from everybody

There's a war goin on
and they're droppin bombs
in our names everywhere!

The religious right
is concerned about life
but they wanna take mine
away from me!

Well I got a solution:
Baby, we got to secede -
you and me, away from everybody

Well the media lies
and when everything dies
we'll never really know
cause they don't show it
on tv.

Well I got a solution:
Baby, we got to secede -
you and me, away from everybody

Well the rent's too high
and there's not enough blue sky...
Track Name: Oppenheimer
Dear Sir or Madam
I split the atom
I wish I hadn't
now there's a patent.